After you leave

Follow up!

So the Salon is now over. You deserve a moment to rest, as do the exhibitors—but don’t put your files away just yet. You need to take stock. Find a place to sit down and review each of your discussions:

The employer’s response

Also make sure to follow up on your discussions. If an employer specifies when he or she will call, make sure that you’re at home that day to take the call. If no news is forthcoming, call the employer at the end of the day and follow up. If you have not been told when to expect a response, wait a few weeks and then call the employer to find out when you will receive one.

If you are contacted for a second interview or if you are offered the job, be enthusiastic and thank the person calling.

Make sure to obtain specifics on your working conditions:

If you do not land the job, try to get the employer to explain why. This will help you to re-evaluate and improve your approach.

Source: The information contained on this page has been adapted to our event and is taken from the Guide pratique de recherche d'emploi (Emploi-Québec), available at